Tomas Miškūnas

Tomas Miškūnas

Gren Group CIO

As the Gren Group CIO, Tomas is a member of Gren's management team, actively engaged in shaping the company’s purpose and direction. In his daily responsibilities, Tomas is accountable for the significant digital aspects of the company: shaping the direction for digitalization, enhancing process maturity at Gren, ensuring information security, overseeing project delivery, and ensuring that our technology supports the provision of sustainable energy solutions to Gren customers in northern Europe.

14:30 - 14:55

Data driven Energy

As we stand at the intersection of technology and energy, businesses are recognizing that harnessing the power of data isn't just a choice, but a strategic imperative. This presentation will dive into how data-driven approaches not only optimize operational efficiency but also pave the way for innovation, sustainability, and informed decision-making in the realm of sustainable energy. Gren focuses on producing sustainable energy based on local renewables, waste and excess heat from industrial processes, and providing the best energy solutions – district heating & cooling and industrial energy services for our customers. In Gren, experience meets future-minded initiatives. This is where the future is being energized today in a sustainable and efficient way. Becoming a data-driven company is a Gren-wide and cross-functional journey that starts from Gren strategy and touches every employee. I’m Tomas, Gren Group CIO and today I’ll share why at Gren we consider data being strategically important.