Security System Maintenance

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    Security system maintenance services make sure that your existing firewall, privileged access management (PAM) and security event management (SEM) solutions function reliably and that their software doesn’t have any vulnerabilities.




    A simple way to ensure the functioning of critical systems.
    Increased security with regular updates that reduce the likelihood of vulnerabilities.
    A quick way to become aware of and avoid disruptions.

    How does it work?

    We assess your IT infrastructure.
    We provide a tailored proposal and improvement recommendations.
    We start providing the services.
    We regularly install updates.
    We inform you about any risks that are detected.

    Blue Bridge starts to provide maintenance for FortiClient EMS, FortiAnalyzer and FortiSandbox:

    1. FortiSandbox
    A high-performance security solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to detect and isolate advanced threats in real time.
    Inspects files, websites, URLs and network traffic for malicious activity, including Zero Day threats,
    uses sandbox technology to analyse suspicious files in a secure virtual environment.
    3. FortiClient EMS (Enterprise Management Server)
    It is a security management solution that allows you to centrally manage, administer endpoints (e.g. computers).
    • Provides network visibility for secure information sharing and assigning security profiles to endpoints,
    • designed to maximise operational efficiency,
    • includes automated device management and troubleshooting capabilities.
    2. FortiAnalyzer
    A powerful event log management, analysis and reporting platform that provides organisations with a single management console that enables automation, organisation and response.
    The solution allows:
    • simplified security operations,
    • proactively identify and remediate risks,
    • ensure full visibility of the entire attack surface.

    Solution producers and service partners:

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    We are glad you are interested in our
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