Penetration Testing

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    Professional penetration testing makes it possible to determine the true cyber security situation in an organization and plan targeted actions and measures to eliminate the most dangerous security vulnerabilities and to develop a long-term fact-based security strategy.

    Types of penetration testing Blue Bridge performs:

    1. Perimeter penetration testing
    2. Internal penetration testing
    3. Wireless penetration testing
    4. Web and mobile app penetration testing
    5. Phishing penetration testing




    A simple way to take a first step towards greater security. You just need to approve the penetration testing plan and provide logins to the systems to be tested. No other preparation is required.
    A quick way to learn about the most common and well-known vulnerabilities on your IT.
    Greater reliability thanks to manual testing which identifies security vulnerabilities that are unique to your organization.
    The report produced by our team will serve as the basis for simply and quickly planning further security actions.

    How does it work?

    We agree with you on the scope of the testing, the rules of acceptable behaviour and the testing plan.
    We gather publicly available information about the object to be tested.
    We identify vulnerabilities.
    We present a penetration report and indicate, in order of priority, the most important steps you can take right away to strengthen security.

    Why choose Blue Bridge penetration testing services?

    We combine automated testing and manual testing, enabling us to identify threats that automated scanning alone cannot detect.
    We test your employees’ resilience to social engineering based on a scenario tailored to your organization, not a generic template.
    We are one of the few providers that produce a comprehensive testing report with threats ranked by their importance and not just a list of vulnerabilities found.
    The recommendations provided with the report will help you choose the most appropriate steps to increase your organization’s security and will help you properly budget for future costs.

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    We are glad you are interested in our
    offers. Please leave a request and
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