SIEM as a Service

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    SIEM as a Service allows you to use SIEM tools in the way that’s best for you. We can take care of the maintenance of your existing SIEM tool and analyse the SIEM data that’s collected, or we can rent you a SIEM tool and handle its maintenance and data analysis.




    A faster way to detect and prevent attacks in real time.
    An easy way to get our team’s security recommendations and attack chain detection.
    Small initial investment.
    A simple way to boost your organization’s security by making full use of SIEM.

    How does it work?

    We do a situation analysis, assessing current solutions and systems.
    We assess the feasibility of a SIEM integration.
    We define and agree on the collaborative process.
    We install and configure the SIEM tool.
    We manage security operations according to the agreed process.

    What is SIEM?

    A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution is the main tool of a Security Operations Centre (SOC). It centrally collects security events from the various systems and enables the detection of suspicious activity, like attempts to hack into systems, malware activity, and so on. In a worst-case scenario, SIEM helps to determine why an attack was successful and prevent it from happening again.

    What types of threats does SIEM mitigate?

    Escalation of rights/privileges.
    Lateral movement by an attacker within infrastructure.
    Credential theft.
    Malicious code.
    Prolonged infrastructure penetration (advanced persistent threats).

    Customer stories

    Lietuvos paštas

    Lietuvos paštas priėmė sprendimą maksimaliai išnaudoti turimą Saugumo informacijos ir įvykių valdymo sprendimą (SIEM) ir išbandyti kibernetinių grėsmių stebėjimo bei suvaldymo paslaugas. Užtikrinti geresnę duomenų apsaugą ir didesnį išorinių bei vidinių grėsmių matomumą su šiomis paslaugomis Lietuvos paštui padėjo „Blue Bridge“.

    Get an offer

    We are glad you are interested in our
    offers. Please leave a request and
    we will get back to you within 1 working day.