Network Access Control (NAC) Solution Selection and Deployment

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    A Network Access Control (NAC) solution ensures that users with unauthorized computers, mobile devices or other equipment do not connect to an organization’s network. Deploying an NAC solution involves network segmentation, i.e., separating network devices into different subnets with different VLAN numbers and defining access rules. This measure limits the spread of malicious code in the network.




    A simple way to control who connects to your network.
    Fast device discovery.
    More security with a guarantee that unauthorized devices will be restricted from joining your network.
    Quick and easy network troubleshooting based on ready-made physical and logical network diagrams and comprehensive deployment documentation

    How does it work?

    We analyse the existing network and infrastructure.
    We examine bother your needs and good practices to select the most appropriate NAC solution.
    We design the solution architecture.
    We prepare deployment, migration and testing plans.
    We carry out deployment, migration, testing of the solution to ensure that its configuration works and avoid security gaps.
    We provide documentation for the deployed solution, enabling IT administrators to manage and maintain it quickly and easily.

    Solution producers and service partners:

    Why NAC?

    Benefits of NAC:
    • Control of access to devices and IT resources on different subnets;
    • Increased visibility of the data transmission network and proactive network protection;
    • The access rules matrix ensures security across all network segments without leaving security gaps;
    • The information gathered by the NAC solution lets you react quickly to any unauthorized access, pinpoint the causes, and promptly eliminate those threats by making changes to the relevant settings;
    NAC can be deployed on both wired and wireless networks.

    Why choose to deploy NAC with “Blue Bridge”?

    One of the most experienced NAC installers in Lithuania.
    NAC tools from the industry leaders.
    NAC solutions customized for each individual client.

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