Network Encryption Solution Selection and Deployment

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    A computer network encryption solution enables the creation of a network or network connection for the transmission of confidential data within an organization or between different parts of an organization. The hardware used in this solution is accredited under NATO, EU and Lithuanian requirements for the processing of classified information. The equipment is also included in the “List of cryptographic tools whose use is permitted in the Republic of Lithuania” approved by the National Cyber Security Centre under the Ministry of National Defence.

    We have experience setting up networks for the processing of classified information marked anywhere from “Restricted” to “Secret”, and our company and specialists have the appropriate permits to work with and access classified information.




    Information can be transmitted on the networks at the required speeds while also ensuring high security requirement.
    Consulting and implementation services, including network documentation, provided by professionals who are qualified, trained and experienced, make it easier to set up classified networks.
    The equipment for this solution is used in classified networks in many NATO and EU countries. Its encryption keys are secured by a German government institution. That is a guarantee of the reliable protection of classified information.

    How does it work?

    We assess the architecture of the network that requires a relevant level of security (interconnection of distant sites and users, types of information transmitted, the physical medium of connection, etc.).
    We design a network encryption solution.
    We supply the equipment and, if the client wishes, install it, configure the management system, and integrate it with other information security arrangements.
    If needed, we provide support and technical advice and organize training for employees.

    Solution producers and service partners:

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