Shimri Vachter

Shimri Vachter

Central East Europe, CIS, and Israel Regional SASE Leader

Shimri has more than 18 years of Seasoned Cyber Executive experience serving Large global Conglomerates such as Cisco, Dell Technologies, HPE and IBM, Leading Cyber Sales, Building Go-to-Market Strategies, Influencing Product Architectural design and Projects Execution through collaboration with product and R&D leaders.

16:15 - 16:35

Preparing for the worst: Application Security and VPN Vulnerabilities

Open Source Vulnerabilities Found in 84% of Code Bases. How to become one of those 16% and be prepared for even the worst scenarios and negative consequences? The global nature of the Internet exposes web applications and APIs to attacks from many locations and various levels of scale and complexity. How to not slip ant follow the right strategy managing any inconvenience?